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Ignition Transformer Compact 10/20 CM 33

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  • The electromagnetic transformers COMPACT are very appreciated for their elevated reliability and for the advanced technology employed in their realization. Thanks to the matured experience and the accurate laboratory searches, we have set an exclusive automatic method, on the basis of which the transformers, contained within special dice and places under high vacuum, contemporarily come impregnate and encapsulated with high isolation resin. In this way we have succeeded in containing the ignition transformers in a unique insulating block, getting numerous and notable merits, as a very high electric isolation, safety and power of spark and greatest heat dissipation. Besides the COMPACT transformers include, incorporated in the insulating block, a magnetic screen for the reduction of the electromagnetic interferences.

    FIDA Ignition Transformer Compact 10/20 CM 33 are Suitable for Riello, Bentone, Ecoflam, Lamborghini, Olympia, Baltur, Weishaupt , Uni-gas, FBR, oxilon, Cuenood, Flamco, Narayan, Flamon and sookook Gas Burners.

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